Laura E. LyonsI am honored to be writing to you as the dean of this college. As you know, Dean Jeffrey Carroll retired last July. His leadership style was marked by a clear understanding of and strong belief in the centrality of language to human life and society. I hope similarly to earn your respect as the college’s leader through thoughtful decision-making, commitment to the college’s mission, and by making more visible the college’s valuable contributions to higher education and communities at large.

I became a part of the LLL faculty early in my career as an assistant professor in English, and I have been fortunate to view the college from several perspectives. The diversity of LLL’s educational offerings, along with the scholarship and creative work of our faculty, are impressive both for their contributions to their academic fields and for the way that this work makes an impact on real people and the world we live within.  I am proud to be a part of a college that touches so many lives and communities. Please see my Welcome from the Dean page on the LLL website for more.

I also want to hear from you.  Please write me at I look forward to your notes.

Me ke aloha pumehana,

Laura E. Lyons, Dean