Chinese Language Flagship Program student Eileen Roco was one of two Flagship students to attend the Flagship Chinese Institute (FCI) at Indiana University this summer. The institute is an intensive program where students take the equivalent of two semesters of Chinese in eight weeks. Roco, who received a Flagship scholarship to attend the institute, is extremely talented in many areas, and is a student worker for the program. In fact, while at FCI, Roco wrote an article on planning a trip to Yunnan, China and it was published in Asian American Today (see page below), a regional Chinese newspaper.

According to Director Madeline Spring, the Flagship has sent about a dozen students to FCI since 2014. She says Eileen Roco is a great example of how UHM programs can work together to guide students toward professional language proficiency levels in Chinese. Roco, a communications major, will continue her studies in Chinese language in Chinese 301 this fall.

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