Wednesday, September 30, 2015 | 3-3:50p | Moore 103

Saint-Exupéry, Bodegas, and Gauchos

Joy Logan, LLEA, Spanish Division

Gaucho2_op_365x600El Sosneado, Argentina, is most known as a site for adventure tourism and excursions to the 1972 crash site of the Uruguayan rugby players depicted in the movie Alive (1993). In this talk I will discuss how my research on contemporary adventure tourism in El Sosneado took an unexpected turn to examine two narratives of the region’s past: Hollywood’s take on initial air travel across the Andes by the French pilots of Aéropostale, and the lifestories of the small ranchers, the “last of the gauchos” living in El Sosneado in the 1930s.

 This talk inaugurates the LLEA Department’s Colloquium series.
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