LLL student graduation/exit survey

The College of LLL has developed an online exit survey system for the college’s undergraduate and graduate programs.

About the survey

In order to enhance the usability of the survey data, LLL sought faculty and student feedback at various stages of the survey construction. The Dean’s office disseminates the surveys directly and makes follow-up efforts to obtain reasonable response rates (e.g., sending memos from advisors). Our surveys not only solicit student opinions about various aspects of our programs (in questions common across the programs) but also ask the students about the degree to which they can demonstrate the expected student learning outcomes (in program specific questions).

Below are examples of surveys sent for each program level: BA (Japanese); MA (French); and MA/AGC/PhD (Second Language Studies).

Use of survey findings

LLL prepares and submits survey results for individual programs to the department chairs and section heads annually. Reports include quantitative as well as qualitative analyses for all respondent data. We do not report the results to departments unless the total number of students graduating from the program reaches five (in order to protect the anonymity of the respondents). LLL also analyzes and documents aggregated results of the common items across programs for future college-level program reviews.

Departments and sections use the reports in various ways. All departments and sections share results with relevant assessment committee personnel and faculty. Also, departments and sections discuss the results in their yearly assessment reports required by the UH Office of Assessment. In addition, some departments present results to all program stakeholders (including students) in public forums. Others present results at public conferences on evaluation and assessment.


LLL showcased the CLLL Student Exit Survey Project at the “Strengthening Student Success: Assessment in Action” poster session held on November 14th, 2009 at Sinclair Library.