Curriculum Maps

The College of Languages, Linguistics & Literature offers a full range of degrees, from the BA to the MA and the PhD. The curriculum maps you will find on this page indicate what the expected student learning outcomes (SLOs) are for our BA, MA, and PhD programs and how our course and other requirements align with the SLOs. The maps may also include information about the assessment tools and procedures adopted by the programs to evaluate student achievement of expected student learning outcomes. If you have any questions about a specific program, please contact the relevant faculty of the program.

Department BA MA PhD


Chair: Robert Huey

Chinese Section Head: Song Jiang

Japanese Section Head: Ken Ito

Korean Section Head: Ho-min Sohn

Chinese BA [.pdf]

Chinese Language & Linguistics MA [.pdf]

Chinese Literary & Cultural Studies MA [.pdf]

Chinese Language & Linguistics PhD [.pdf]

Chinese Literary & Cultural Studies PhD [.pdf]

Japanese BA [.pdf]

Japanese Language & Linguistics MA [.pdf]

Japanese Literature MA [.pdf]

Japanese Language & Linguistics PhD [.pdf]

Japanese Literature PhD [.pdf]

Korean BA [.pdf]

Korean for Professionals BA [.pdf]

Korean Language & Linguistics MA [.pdf]

Korean Literature MA [.pdf]

Korean for Professionals MA [.pdf]

Korean Language & Linguistics PhD [.pdf]

Korean Literature PhD [.pdf]


Chair: Laura Lyons

Associate Chair:  Kristin McAndrews

Undergraduate Director: Robert McHenry

Graduate Director: Cristina Bacchilega

English BA [.pdf]
English MA [.pdf] English PhD [.pdf]


Chair: John Mayer

Illokano Coordinator: Julius Soria

Filipino Coordinator: Pia Arboleda

Ilokano BA [.pdf]
Filipino BA [.pdf]


Chair: Patricia J. Donegan

Graduate Chair: Kamil Deen


Linguistics MA [.pdf]
Linguistics PhD [.pdf]


Chair: Paul Chandler

Classics Division Chair: Robert Littman

French Division Chair: Louis Bousquet

German Division Chair: Maryann Overstreet

Russian Division Chair: Virginia Bennett

Spanish Division Chair: Eric Thau

Classics BA [.pdf]
French BA [.pdf] French MA [.pdf]
German BA [.pdf]
Russian BA [.pdf]
Spanish BA [.pdf] Spanish MA [.pdf]


Chair: Graham Crookes

Graduate Chair: Gabriele Kasper

Undergraduate Advisor: Kenton Harsh

SLS BA [.pdf] SLS MA [.pdf] SLS PhD [.pdf]