LLL Website Posting Guide

This page contains instructions for LLL staff with admin privileges that allow them to post to the LLL website.

Click here for official LLL logos and colors.

Post Headines

Where appropriate, begin with mm/dd with optional event type and colon. See examples in the sidebar on the right –>.  This makes it easy for users to see what is current info and for admin to manage “news” posts. Keep the headline as short as possible. No need to repeat headline info in the immediately following post text. 

Find this on the right sidebar.

Post Images

If you want the image you add to show up on the home page, you must not only insert it into the body of the post, but also set it as a “featured image.”

LLL Categories

We use categories to control where certain types of posts show up. Posts may have more than one category.


  • The most recent three posts assigned this category appear on the homepage below the dark green section. Schedule posts to appear one week in advance. Set the time to before 9am so that the automatic email notification will catch it.
  • Use this category for any post that cites a specific deadline. Lead the post with the deadline and highlight deadline dates in red. See an example.
  • Posts marked “featured” display as the large items that rotate in the dark green section on the home page. There can only be three at a time, so if you create new one, you should retire an old one. You must include a 340×340 pixel image.
dissertation defense
  • Assign this to dissertation defense posts.


There are templates saved as draft posts. Find these in “All Posts.”


If the post submission comes through the lllevent@hawaii.edu account, be sure to label it as “posted!” when you are pau.