LLL Logos, Colors, & Fonts


Choose the correct version for your project from the art files provided. Do not change the colors, fonts, or proportions of the logo.

use in WEB applicationslogo” refers to the full logo, including leaf, UH seal, and text.


use in WEB applicationsCPOW” refers to the the “Celebrating the Power of the Word” box.


use in WEB applicationsleaf” refers to the leaf only.


COLORS: [web color] | [Pantone color]
  • UH Mānoa green: #024731 | 3435
  • pale green: #f7fcea | 7485
  • medium green:  a1be52 | 7495

Official University of Hawai‘i System Graphics Standards Manual

PRINT: Click to download appropriate file.
WEB: Click to download full size file.