UH Endowment for the Humanities summer research funding


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Application deadline is March 1.


The Humanities Council announces the availability of limited funds to provide support for summer research projects in the Humanities. Projects must fall within one of the disciplines embraced by the Humanities, though applicants need not be affiliated with units in which either degrees or majors in these disciplines are offered. According to the act that established the National Endowment for the Humanities in 1965, these disciplines include the study of language, both modern and classical; linguistics; literature; history; jurisprudence; philosophy; archaeology; comparative religion; ethics; and the history, criticism, and theory of the arts.


Applicants must be full-time, tenure-track faculty who will not be on leave during the period when their research will be conducted. Applications are welcome from faculty of all ranks, but special consideration will be given to junior faculty.

Terms of award
  • Each faculty member may submit only one application per year.
  • Only actual research expenses, such as the costs of travel and actual research support will be funded. We do not provide funds for the presentation of research results at professional conferences or for the subvention of publication costs, nor does it provide compensation for lost overload pay.
  • The maximum amount that will be awarded is $5,000. Since the principal purpose of the University of Hawai‘i Endowment for the Humanities (UHEH) is to increase the amount of funding for projects in the Humanities, faculty are strongly encouraged to apply to other sources first, including the University Research Council funds and any appropriate external agencies. The selection committee may choose to award less than the amount requested. It will also consider applications for partial funding for projects that have already received partial support from other sources.
  • Award recipients will be required to submit a one-page report to the Dean on the outcome of their project within one year of receiving funding.
Required documents

Incorrectly prepared applications will be rejected.

  1. Application form, signed by the applicant, the chair, and the dean or director
  2. Description of the project, no more than three double-spaced pages in length
  3. Itemized budget, including the specific information requested on the budget summary table on the cover sheet
  4. One- to two-page CV, abbreviated, highlighting recent research and research related to the project
  5. List of all research support during the last three years
  6. Letter of support from the applicant’s chair

Applicants should keep in mind that it is unlikely that more than one or two members of the selection committee will be familiar with their subject matter or with the research styles and procedures of their discipline. Proposals should be written in such a way that they will be clearly understood by faculty in other fields.

Application procedure

Submit cover page and all other required documents to Karin Mackenzie by the deadline specified above.