Online & HTI courses

“Online courses” provide instruction independent of time and location (asynchronous). Rather than meeting in a classroom, courses that are taught completely via the Internet.

“Hybrid Technology Intensive (HTI) courses” make intensive use of online and offline technologies to such an extent that the schedule of class meetings is altered (e.g., meet 3 hours a week for a 4-credit course). Even if online assignments/tools are used regularly, unless the schedule of class meetings is changed, the course is not considered to be an HTI.


Designing, developing and teaching quality courses online requires specific knowledge and skills. In order to ensure that instructors in the College of LLL have the necessary and updated skills and become better informed of the support available to them, the College of LLL requires that instructors who teach online at UH Mānoa for the first time or have not taught online in the last 2 years

  • submit the fully developed online course for review at least 6 weeks before the course is due to the Scheduler, or
  • earn a badge from the Center for Language & Technology representing basic knowledge and skillsets for online course design and teaching prior to teaching online for the first time.

Instructors interested in teaching online should 1) fill out, 2) print, 3) sign, and 4) submit this form [form not fillable on all browsers, sorry. You may need to 1) print,  2) fill, and 3) sign in that order]. Here’s more information about developing online/HTI courses.

Remember!: When you create a new course (online or not), you must submit the UHM-1 form to get institutional approval to the LLL Dean’s office with the required signature(s). Deadlines are
  • September (a specific date will be announced each semester) for the next Summer and Fall term, and
  • February or early March (a specific date will be announced each semester) for the next Spring term.
More information about course proposals and modifications.