Course proposals & program modifications

Course proposal guidelines:

The College of LLL uses KSCM (Kuali Student Curriculum Management) to process course proposals online. The exceptions are when you (a) delete courses or (b) create or modify courses that are cross-listed with courses in another College. For these exceptions, we cannot use KSCM: we will need to use the UHM-1 or UHM-2 forms. The UHM-1 is for new courses and the UHM-2 is for modifications/deletions.    

Each new course or course modification proposal must have an attached sample course syllabus that includes the required items (i.e., course title & number; credit hours; prerequisites; course description; student learning objectives/outcomes; textbooks and/or required readings; grading criteria; classroom policies; weekly schedule of topics and readings, including exam dates).

For new course proposals, you are required to respond to the new course mandatory questions

If the department is submitting a program modification proposal, first please send a brief email to the Associate Dean about your plans for change (e.g. what changes for which program) for further instructions.

Changes to degree programs:

A proposal to modify existing degree requirements should be in the form of a memo to the VCAA via the Dean of the College. All major modifications in graduate programs require advance approval of the Graduate Council. Minor program modifications, such as changing or substituting a course, may be approved by the Graduate Division. Please refer to the Graduate Division website for specific information on the modification of graduate programs.