Back credit forms and policies

Do you speak a language other than English? If yes, did you know that you can earn from 3 up to 16 free back credits?


Courses for which AP/IB credits have been earned cannot be used as a basis for earning back credits. However, students who have earned AP/IB credits may also earn back credits for 101-202 courses for which AP/IB credits were not awarded if they complete an appropriate higher-level language course at UH-Mānoa with a grade of C or better.

Example: A student who scored 4 on the AP exam in Spanish earned 3 AP credits for SPAN 202.  The student also completed SPAN 301 at UH-Mānoa with a grade of B and earned 12 credits (3 credits for 301 and 9 back credits for SPAN 101, 102, and 201).

For questions about placement, back credit, and/or AP/IB credit, please contact the appropriate advisor on this list.