Message from the Dean – Spring 2018

Aloha Alumni and Friends of the College of Languages, Linguistics & Literature,

I wish you a Happy New Year. Looking back, it is clear that 2017, our 35th anniversary year, was a good one. Our students enjoyed many accolades and accomplishments, and our faculty continued to demonstrate their excellence in research and teaching. Please read some of our most recent college news [click below]. 

I have high hopes that the college will continue to grow and build upon its stellar reputation in 2018. As the dean, I could not be prouder of LLL, or the creative and critical academic programs we provide our majors and all of the other students that we reach through General Education courses at the Mānoa campus. Each year, we graduate approximately 243 undergraduates and about 70 master’s degree candidates. Another 20 or so of our graduate students earn a PhD, the highest academic degree awarded. In the last fiscal year, faculty in LLL generated close to $2.5 million in funded research.

For those in education, the new year really comes twice a year: once at the beginning of the calendar year, and again at the end of August, when we welcome new students and faculty to campus. We were pleased this academic year to have five new assistant professors and three new instructors join our faculty. Each of them represents our continued commitment to students to provide the kind of education that brings together engaged teaching and scholarly inquiry, and that is focused on both individual development and collective discovery.

Having emerged this past year from some fiscal challenges, we are all the more grateful for your continued support and determined to build on our strengths as a college uniquely dedicated to the study of language in all of its manifestations.

Thank you for being a part of our strength. I am always delighted to receive personal notes from you and look forward to hearing from more of you this year. Please write to me at

Me ke aloha pumehana,
Laura E. Lyons
Interim Dean

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