Two veteran Japanese language Instructors, Dennis Ogawa and Masami Lachmann, retired this past June. They formed part of the backbone of the Japanese language program, and together represent more than seventy years of teaching Japanese at UH. Both managed the difficult feat of remaining popular with their students, while maintaining the standards that have helped keep UH’s Japanese program one of the top in the country.

Dennis was given the LLL Excellence in Teaching Award in 1987 and has remained involved in the program through his mentoring of younger faculty, as well as his commitment to ongoing curriculum reforms. Masami received funding from the National Resource Center East Asia for developing a course on “fluency through film” and has also been a staunch supporter of the annual Japanese poetry contest. Both have contributed in far more ways than just these, and the East Asian Languages and Literatures Department, as well as the College of Languages, Linguistics & Literature, will miss them, even as we wish them a full and happy retirement.