Chancellor’s Citation for Meritorious Teaching

Aurelio AgcaoiliDepartment of Indo-Pacific Languages & Literatures, associate professor & coordinator of the Ilokano Program


Dr. Agcaoili is an internationally recognized scholar, linguist, author, and teacher of Ilokano. his scholarly research includes publications on language, lexicography, Ilokano and Philippine literature, popular culture, and issues related to heritage language and language education. He is considered one the foremost experts in the world on the teaching of Ilokano and he has created courses at the University of Hawaii in Ilokano language, literature, and culture at all levels. Dr. Agcaoili is in the forefront of the mother language education movement in the Philippines and has worked to create an international consortium of Ilokano and Amianan Studies. He is the main creative force behind the Nakem International Conferences which began at UHM in 2006. His work with the local Filipino and Ilokano community is substantial and includes the annual Timpuyog Drama, Video, and Songfest that links UHM students and faculty with the local community, numerous literacy and literary workshops for the Ilokano community, the creation of the Nakem Youth Program, writing for the Fil-Am Observer, and hosting a community radio program on KNDI.

Distinguished Graduate Mentoring Award

Craig HowesDepartment of English,  professor & director the Center for Biographical Research


A member of the English Department 1980, Craig Howes has been the editor and co-editor of Biography: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly since 1994, and the Director of the Center for Biographical Research since 1997. Teaching Life Writing Texts, co-edited with Miriam Fuchs, was published in the Options in Teaching Series by the Modern Language Association in 2008. His collection The Value of Hawai‘i: Knowing the Past, Shaping the Future (2010), co-edited with Jonathan Kay Kamakawiwo‘ole Osorio, is in its fourth printing. The recipient of a Board of Regents and a Presidential Teaching Award, and the Hung Wo and Elizabeth Lau Ching Foundation Award for Faculty Service to the Community, over the years he has had the privilege of being asked to serve on many project, thesis, and dissertation committees in English and other related fields.

College of LLL Excellence in Teaching Award

Jonathan MorseDepartment of English,  professor

JDr. Morse generally practices a teaching method that’s now some eighty years old: the kind known as New Criticism, which involves studying language as such, for its own sake rather than for what students call its message. “Get your nose down on the page,” this pedagogical technology instructs us, “and look at the words. Notice Shakespeare describing a pregnant woman walking as if she were a ship with bellying sails, ‘rich with merchandise.’ Notice that now you understand the idea of a woman in ways you didn’t before. If you’re enjoying that new clarity of understanding, say ‘Thank you’ to Shakespeare’s words. The words are all the message there is, and they’re enough.” But he supplements the New Critical loftiness with an English 100 dictum by F. Scott Fitzgerald. “To write good prose,” he recites to the class, “read good poetry” – and suddenly he has earned his salary.

College of LLL Excellence in Teaching Award

Mee-jeong Park,  East Asian Languages and Literatures, associate professor, Korean Language and Linguistics

Meejeong-ParkDr. Park came to the University of Hawai’i from UCLA in 2006, providing much-needed support to the growing Korean language pedagogy program. She immediately took on a heavy graduate teaching and advising load, but still managed to publish prolifically, especially in her main field of Pedagogical Grammar. In addition to training the next generation of Korean language teachers, she has developed and taught a number of technologically innovative courses herself. She has attracted support for her research, materials development, and teaching from external funders like UH’s Title VI Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) and National Resource Center East Asia (NRCEA), as well as the Department of Defense.

Frances Davis Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching for Graduate Students

Angela HaeuslerSecond Language Studies, graduate assistant

Haeusler+Angela+Frances+DavisIn her teaching, Ms. Haeusler is committed to introducing students to community engagement and active citizenship. Changing the world through language is possible, she believes, if courses provide students with opportunities to practice language advocacy and social activism. She seeks to give concepts of language a face, an emotion, and a venue for critical engagement with society. A great joy for her is helping prospective teachers and language learners to experience themselves as knowledge-creators and problem-solvers. Students credit her infectious enthusiasm, her ability to raise thought-provoking questions, and motivating learners to do their best. “She gave us all a new perspective on language teaching,” a student testified. “I hope I can be a teacher like her one day.”

Frances Davis Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching for Graduate

Jacob Ashley Terrell (Jake), Department of Linguistics, PhD student

terrell_headshot_fdawardMr. Terrell is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Linguistics. For the past four years he has been the coordinator of the Department’s Unit Mastery program. This is a special niche, since the Department of Linguistics and the LLL is the only College to offer such a program. During his time in this position he has initiated two textbook projects and created the curriculum for the three Linguistics 100-level courses, including a new course on his own initiative ‘Language Endangerment’. During his scarce free time, as part of his doctoral research he studies a sacred language and culture practiced by only 15 Shaman in remote parts of Northern Southeast Asia—Akha Pirma Daw—which is not only rare, but the secret language used by the Akha Shaman when communicating with the deceased. Jake also enjoys long walks on the beach and making “crazy-pizzas.”

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