About LLL

The College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature (LLL)  is one of the four Arts and Sciences colleges of the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa and offers a broad curriculum in English studies, foreign and heritage languages and literatures, second language studies, and linguistics. Composed of six departments and several centers, institutes, labs, and programs, LLL has capitalized on Hawai‘i’s location in the Pacific to provide, in addition to traditional fields of study, curricula with a focus on Asia and the Pacific unique in the nation. The College regularly teaches more than 25 languages and has the capacity to teach many more according to demand.

The programs in the College offer a full range of degrees, from BA, to MA, and PhD. The faculty has long been recognized for its commitment to innovative research in language and literature, and for the excellence of its teaching, with an emphasis on small classes (averaging 20 students) and close interaction between teacher and student.