Cohen talkFriday, September 16, 2016 | 2:30 pm | Sakamaki Hall C-308

Philosophy Department Colloquium Presents


Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy Ben-Gurion University

“Manipulation, Deception, and the Limits of Truthfulness”

While deception is pro tanto morally wrong, a similar generalization is not true with respect to manipulations, some of which are integral to normative human interaction and are widely regarded as morally innocent. In this talk, I identify a hitherto unrecognized category of manipulations, which I call “non- deceptive manipulations that cause false beliefs.” I argue that much of what is commonly referred to as deception in fact belongs to this new category, and claim that this diagnosis mitigates some unrealistic demands commonly associated with the ethics of truthfulness.

Everyone is welcome to attend. For disability access information, please call 956-8649.

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