Art Department auditorium (Art 132) at 6:30p.
2013. Directed by Christine Yoo. 98 minutes. Hawai‘i Premiere

Jason is a twenty-nine-year-old Los Angeles advertising executive being pressured by family and friends to wed before his thirtieth birthday in order to avoid an ancient curse placed on his family. A shaman (played by Margaret Cho) warns that if he does not do so, he will certainly die a horrible death. On a short business trip to Seoul, Jason encounters what would seem to be the woman of his dreams. Back at home, he decides to court the woman, Na Young, on line, including dinner dates via webcam, telephone calls, and text messages. But when Na Young comes to Los Angeles, Jason and his family discover that she is not what they expected. Can Jason defy his parents and bridge the gap between family expectations of beauty and true love? Can virtual dating really lead to true love and lifetime happiness? Wedding Palace is the debut film of director Christine Yoo and is being shown here for the first time in Hawai’i.