2016 Theme: Humanities in Flux: Aesthetics, Politics, and the Future

Which role should the arts and humanities play in the new millennium? The humanities historically have been a vehicle for formulating values and imagining futures. Can they help to create a just and sustainable shared future despite ever growing differences, diversity, and digital divides? The 2016 theme invites scholars, artists, public intellectuals, and community leaders to the UHM campus to share with us their thoughts on these questions and to explore tangible solutions and innovative ideas to navigate the multifarious challenges and opportunities we face in the 21st century.

Watch this site for announcements of upcoming lectures; for info about past lectures visit the Dai Ho Chun Lecture Series page.

The 2015–2018 DHC Speaker Series Planning Committee is Ned Bertz (History), Jesse Knutson (Indo-Pacific Languages and Literatures-Sanskrit), Jaimey Hamilton Faris (Art and Art History), Shawna Ryan (English), Markus Wessendorf (Theater & Dance), and Ming-Bao Yue (East Asian Languages and Literatures-Chinese)
Contact: Ming-Bao Yue.