Wednesday, January 27, 2016 |  noon-1:15p |  Moore 258

Navigating a Hawaiian Wonderland: The Long Road Back

Keao NeSmith, Kawaihuelani Center for Hawaiian Language

NeSmithDr. Keao NeSmith is a native of Kaua‘i and an independent consultant. Keao’s PhD (University of Waikato, New Zealand) is in Applied Linguistics with a focus on language teaching theory and practice. He also attended l’Université de la Polynésie française in Tahiti for a year to study Tahitian literature and Marquesan language.

Keao is also currently a lecturer onboard the Aranui Cruiseline and Freight Ship providing lectures on Polynesian cultures on the ship’s route between the Society Islands, Tuāmotu, and the Marquesas Islands.

In addition, Keao has translated a number of literary classics into Hawaiian, including Lewis Carroll’s, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, Tolkien’s The Hobbit, and even Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Le Petit Prince from French, which he is now also translating into Pidgin.

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