parthenonDecember 1, 2016 | Doris Duke Theatre, Honolulu Museum of Art | 7:30 PM  

Excavations in the Agora of Athens at the foot of the Parthenon:  New Discoveries

Dr, John Camp, Director of Excavations, Professor of Archaeology at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens

The Agora of ancient Athens was the center of the city in all respects. Here have been found the buildings which housed the first recorded democracy (magistrates’ offices, law courts, and assembly places), along with the objects used every day to make sure the system worked as it should (laws and regulations inscribed on stone, allotment machines, water clocks, and ballots). Excavations have been carried out at the site by the American School of  Classical Studies for the past 85 years. The lecture this evening will review the history of the excavations and share some of the most recent discoveries.


Sponsored by Archaeological Institute of America, LLEA University of Hawaii

Free and open to the public


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