October 28, 2016 | 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm | Kuykendall auditorium, KUY 101

Aloha Fellow Arts & Sciences Faculty Senators,

You are invited to a general assembly of all faculty/senators from the four colleges of the Arts & Sciences: Arts & Humanities; Languages, Linguistics, and Literatures; Natural Sciences; and the Social Sciences. According to the Arts & Sciences Faculty Senate (ASFS) Charter, all faculty of the four colleges are also de facto senators in the ASFS.

The Arts and Sciences Faculty Senate is the collegiate senate of the Faculty of the four Colleges of Arts & Science at UH-Manoa. It represents the faculty of these colleges in all academic policy matters of concern either to the individual colleges or to the set of colleges as a whole.

Because the Arts & Sciences provide the majority of the general education undergraduate courses offered on campus, and the majority of undergraduate and graduate degrees conferred are in Arts & Sciences disciplines, Arts & Sciences faculty share interests that are unique to our college which may not be addressed by the Manoa Faculty Senate.

The Art & Sciences Faculty Senate Executive Committee (ASFSEC) has invited the deans of each college to attend the meeting and address the faculty. Dean Peter Arnade (A&H), Dean Laura Lyons (LLL), Dean Tom Ranker (NatSci), and Dean Denise Konan (SocSci) have graciously accepted the invitation to participate in this town-hall style general assembly. They will engage with faculty/senators on the matter of the A&S budgets, on their visions for the future of liberal arts education on the Manoa campus, and on the current search for Manoa’s next Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs. The deans, singly or as a group, may have other matters that they would like to bring before the faculty/senators.

The ASFSEC will also update faculty/senators on the current status of the two resolutions that faculty/senators passed last semester regarding the chronic underfunding of and inequitable revenue redistribution to the A&S; we will also update faculty/senators on the efforts last year of the six chairs (drawn from LLL and A&H) regarding the budgetary impact of the proposed merger of LLL and A&H. The resolutions and other information on the ASFS can be found on our webpage: http://manoa.hawaii.edu/asfsec/

All faculty/senators may bring concerns or ideas on how to strengthen liberal arts at Manoa to any of their elected representatives:

A&H Representatives:

Andrew Jinguang Zhang (jzhang6@hawaii.edu);

Stacy Ray (stacyray@hawaii.edu)

LLL Representatives:

Ruth Hsu (ASFSEC Chair; rhsu@hawaii.edu)

Cynthia Ward (cward@hawaii.edu)

NatSci Representatives:

Stephanie Kraft Terry (ASFSEC Vice-Chair; kraft2@hawaii.edu)

Joseph T. Jarrett (jtj@hawaii.edu)

SocSci Representative:

Noel Kent (noelk@hawaii.edu)

Ex-officio Chairs:

Aurelio Agcaoili (aurelioa@hawaii.edu)

Christine Beaule (bealue@hawaii.edu)

Thank you,

The ASFSEC (Est. 1968)